Upgrading A500 - What's my starting point?

Recovery for the Acer A500/A501

Upgrading A500 - What's my starting point?

Postby rrrobbie » 05 Aug 2016, 04:32

Hi all,

I'd like to use my Iconia A500 again, but for some apps to work I need Android 4.1 or higher (pref as high as stable possible).

PROBLEM: I have had a custom ROM at it at some point, but I reverted back to an Acer Rom I believe since the ROM I had was unstable. Now, most tuts describe a starting point as in: which bootloader, which ROM etc, but I don't much about that anymore.

I do know this:
Android 4.0.3
Image version: Acer_AV041_A500_RV03RC01_WW_GEN1
Build number: Acer_AV041_A500_1.031.00_WW_GEN1
Not rooted

PWR + Vol_Down: does same as just PWR
PWR + Vol_Up gives:
| Erasing Cache before SD update...
| SD update cmd: recovery
| --update_package=SDCARD:update.zip
| Booting recovery kernel image
After which it briefly shows the Android with the rotating radar, and then the android with the red exclamation mark (since it doesn't find any update.zip ofcourse)
I do not get any menu to choose erase or update or anything

Can anyone help me find out where I am now and what I should do (or point me in the right direction)?

Much thanks!
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Re: Upgrading A500 - What's my starting point?

Postby Dr.Allcome » 31 Aug 2016, 11:52


I guess you would like to have on of the latest ROMs installed. Then I would suggest you look through this topics.

OmniROM 5.1.1 A500/A501 - V12 Final:

CM12.1 5.1.1 A500/A501 - V7 Final:

Be aware that the installation is not that trivial. There are some pits to fall in ;).

For Example:
- Use the right/latest Recovery Boot Image; [BETA]TWRP based recovery REV 2.0 beta4 --> viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1490

- I also had trouble while running the installer of the ROM when choosing the extras like Acer Print, Kernel.org Wifi driver and legacy PlayStore.

- It was important for me to format file system with the type of f2fs. This is because of the PlayStore had trouble to download and or install apps with error 927.

- At last you need to be aware of the right rooting software which a link can be found at the beginning of the topics..

All the information is spread in the topics mentioned before.

What ROM to take is up to you. I have started a topic about it here:

Good Luck and Thank you.

Greetings Dr.Allcome
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Re: Upgrading A500 - What's my starting point?

Postby rrrobbie » 31 Aug 2016, 13:25

Hi Dr.Allcome,

Thank you for your reply.

I figured / remembered that I already had an unlocked bootloader, so after long thinking about the possible risks I decided to just go for it.
I found the topics you link to and after installing a Recover Boot Image (TWRP) I installed OmniROM 5.1.1 (and forgot to update this thread).

FYI I didn't install any extra's like Acer Print. I installed OmniROM 5.1.1 and the gapps (so I do have the current Play Store). I took a couple of tries (especially regarding the formatting), but I now have no problems at all! I can use my tablet again! :D

Thanks again, this thread is still useful as an overview for future searches.

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