Howto delete boot partitions

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Howto delete boot partitions

Postby Exsecut0r » 26 May 2015, 12:14

Hi guys,how can I delete boot partitions on my tablet?I have two of them:

1st partition (/dev/block/mmcblk0p2) with linux (about 4 gb)
2st partition (/dev/block/mmcblk0p7) with android (about 11 gb)

I'd like to fully delete partition with linux and leave whole space (16 gb) for android but i can't find an option in skrilax_v8 recovery.Is there way how I can do it?

PS. I didn't install linux so i don't know how to do it.
PSS. Sorry for my English.

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Re: Howto delete boot partitions

Postby freightyard » 26 May 2015, 13:47

skrilax v8 is not recovery - it is a bootloader
recovery is attained by holding down the -volume while pressing the power button
check your other post for the solution
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Re: Howto delete boot partitions

Postby Canonuluvx » 25 Nov 2015, 11:56

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