[BOOTLOADER] KexecBoot - A graphical kernel bootloader

Linux development for the Acer A500/A501

[BOOTLOADER] KexecBoot - A graphical kernel bootloader

Postby apapousek » 12 Nov 2014, 08:21

Hello All,

I'm working on porting KexecBoot, the kernel-based graphical bootloader to the A500. While we already have a wonderful multiboot bootloader, it's fairly limited. Being able to load up a Linux environment before booting into another kernel allows us to mount virtually any sort of filesystem, boot images from a networked drive, and change boot configurations by just editing a text file. Nothing really "works" as of right now, but hopefully something cool will come of this. I'll clean up this post once I get the kexec kernel to boot properly.

  • ext4 detection and boot.cfg loadable from data partition!
  • Initial touch control working, no keyboard needed!
  • Fixed up graphical errors. No more random black streaks of debug on screen.
Initial release
  • Crappy proof-of-concept. Nothing works.
To Do:
  1. Boot Android from kexec-enabled kernel
  2. Boot kernel from USB


Current Version

Original, crappy demo:


Just run:
Code: Select all
fastboot boot kexecboot-picasso-14Nov2014.img

Kernel Source (Thanks digetex!)
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Re: [BOOTLOADER] KexecBoot - A graphical kernel bootloader

Postby Skrilax_CZ » 07 Jan 2015, 01:46

You already can change boot configurations just by editing a text file (if you set it up to boot from EXT4).
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