State of grate driver?

Linux development for the Acer A500/A501

State of grate driver?

Postby bubbaganoush » 29 Jul 2017, 22:46

There is recent development activity on the grate driver but little information on the state of it.

How stable/complete is the implementation? Does it render a 2D desktop? What about 3D functionality?
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Re: State of grate driver?

Postby digetx » 31 Oct 2017, 23:57

Sorry for the late response.. It's unstabe/incomplete, some core features are still missing in the upstream kernel gpu/driver, driver ABI is under 'staging' for years and I think could be changed finally. Grate's Xorg driver renders 2d desktop, although it's yet not fully accelerated; for 3d we have glxgears spinning with mesa and some 'grate' demo-tests, it's not ready for a regular use yet, but we'd want to get mesa driver to a point that it could be useful for the glamor/wayland ASAP; we have some acceleration for video decoding, there is a chance that kernel driver will be upstreamed.
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