My Handicapp - My A500 - HC3.2.1 = Help

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My Handicapp - My A500 - HC3.2.1 = Help

Postby skeyestryker » 25 Jan 2016, 06:58

Okay, so I'm a Newbie here. Been reading and reading, trying and trying, but to no avail. My 501 is a GEN2. And with what I keep reading I need to root and flash this beautiful piece of hardware. I have other A500's in the house with ICS, but I had to restore this to factory because I forgot the password, and it was broken for about two years. Story is, an aneurysm burst in my brain almost two years ago, and well, everything is not quite back yet. 30 years of tech repair drifting around in my big head! Well, this week I got smart for a minute and got two of three units working(someone loves me I guess). Since I had to do the factory reset, there doesn't seem to be a update rom for my GEN2. Can anyone point me to a good guide to root, or a rom to flash to my GEN2? I'm unfortunately working with limited mental capacity, but working to recover my old self, and my Acer Tablets. Thanks to all in advance for any help, and I'm glad I found a site that is seemingly still functioning. Of course I haven't checked the dates on the posts yet, but that's just a minor thing. Great minds continue to work even after they think we're dead!
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